week 30

(26. – 30.7)



A. NUEA PHAD TAK RAI (L, G) 11,90€

Wok fried beef with lemon grass, zucchini, broccoli in soy sauce.


B. NAM TOK MOO YANG (L, G) 11,90€

Spicy and sour thai salad with grilled pork, lime, red onion and fresh herbs.

C. KAENG PHET TAU HU (L, G) 10,90€

Red curry with coconut milk and tofu, fresh veggies, chili and basil.

D. PHAD THAI KAI (L, G) 11,90€

Wok fried rice noodles with chicken and mung sprouts in sweet house tamarind sauce. Served with roasted peanut and lime.

F. 3 SMALL DISHES (A, B, C) 14,70€

We hope you follow safety guidelines when you come to our restaurant.

– Don’t come if feeling sick

– Use a mask when you come inside

– Use hand sanitizer upon coming inside and leaving


We wish you stay safe during these difficult times!

Red Koi Thai