week 3

(17. – 21.1.)



A. TOM KHA KAI (L, G) pieni keitto 4€/11,30€

Traditional coconut chicken soup with mushroom, onion, galangal and chili oil.

B. LARB KAI (L, G) 12,30€

Traditional thai salad with minced chicken, lime juice, lemon grass, fresh herbs and red onion.

C. TAU HU PHAD PHAK (L, G) 11,30€

Wok fried tofu and fresh veggies in sweet soy sauce, roasted garlic.

D. PHAD THAI GOONG (L, G) 12,30€

Wok fried rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, egg and mung sprouts in sweet house tamarind sauce. Served with roasted peanut and lime.

F. 3 SMALL DISHES (A, B, C) 15,30€

We will check customers’ corona pass from 17 o’clock.

Red Koi Thai